Our shop & studio is in StreetMall, Ramat Yishai located in beautiful green vally in north Israel. There all Smadar Edri jewelry is made. 


Shop has an eclectic feel that incorporates elements, ideas and style from a broad and diverse range of sources. 


We designed our studio as part of our shop with a wide glass wall to give our customers intimate feel and full transparency of our creating process.


Haekaliptus 3. StreetMall

Ramat Yishay


Open Hours:

Sunday - Thursday 10:30 - 21:30

Friday 9:30 - 14:30

Saturday 19:30 - 22:30

T: (972) 04 954-14-24 


Smadar Edri Jewelry an Israeli company renowned for creating artisanal luxury jewelry. Smadar creations are all one-of-a-kind and crafted by her with the help of team of jewelry masters in studio located in StreetMall Ramat Yishai, Israel.


Smadar show case timeless pieces, combine classic and delicate lines with innovative mind set which brings trendy and chic elements to each designs. 

The jewelry made of gold and colorful precious stones which captures natural beauty with refined sculptural elegance.  Smadar using ancient goldsmith techniques that are hardly used by jewellers and combiens it with modern methods to emphsize a true hand-made look and feel.


ABC - Ambition Bold and Creative

Smadar made the first jewelry pieces in her spare time while serving the IDF. After two years of mandatory service she was released from IDF and started working in the Diamond Exchange Department at IGI Ltd, a gemologist's laboratory specializing in the identification, grading and classification of gemstones and diamonds.


Couple years later Smadar graduated goldsmithing studies at the famous 'Maziar' jewel art professional school.


Smadar is known for her multifaceted approach to jewelry design and unique contemporary vision. Her work draws upon clean elegant line while creating a visual dialogue between fundamental elements of nature and telling stories of hope and renewal.

... to Perfection

Smadar and Nevo (her loving husband) established this business together with four hands. From day one they spent the weekends and holidays to travel through jewelry art bazars all around the holy land.

Smadar is clearly seen in her works of art, the designs, shapes, textures, techniques and finishes are made to perfection.

We never compromised for any gemstone or diamond - 'always seeking for the best'. It is our business to find our customers the perfect diamond with respect to its fair market value.

Each Jewel with diamond (0.20ct and up) comes with a Diamond Report Certification provided by GIA or IGI.

Smadar believe that "You Get What You Give in life"  so we give our all with any tiny detail and throughout the process. 


Customer satisfaction is our goal. We will customise, modify, add or exchange anything you like as much as needed to get your 100% fully satisfaction before through and after your purchase.


You are very much welcome to visit us in our studio.